If you think designing a logo is easy, you’ve probably never worked as a graphic designer. Even for a seasoned graphic designing professional, designing a practical and eye-catching logo can be a tough challenge. It’s a tiring process that requires a plethora of research, forethought, and expertise.

But that doesn’t mean experienced professionals don’t run into problems every now and then! Small mistakes can easily prove to be detrimental to your company’s future. Because of this reason, it’s important you know what you don’t want rather than what you do.

Here are the common mistakes you can make while designing a logo.

1. Avoiding the Intuitive Route

If you tell your team members to come up with ideas for a logo’s design, you might end up with three ideas or three hundred. If you tell them to choose one (without any reasoning), it might be impossible for them. This will eventually lead you towards an endless process of iteration. To ensure everyone saves time by following a clearly defined process, sit down and decide the basics of logo design (colors, combination mark, creative brief) first.

2. Confusing the Terms

If you want any logo designing project to go smoothly, it’s imperative that everyone is on the same page and can speak the same language. Because of this reason, it’s vital that every team member uses the same words. The word Logo has become a way of defining every branding symbol. Here’s a breakdown from the professionals:

  • Logomark: Any image that represents a business (Apple’s apple, Nike’s swoosh)
  • Workmark: The brand’s name in a distinct font. Remember to choose the same font for all marketing communications.
  • Combination Mark: You guessed it – the logomark and the workmark stylized together.

To ensure you’re versatile, make sure your brand has all three.

3. Not Doing A lot of Research

Fundamentally, logo design is a communication challenge. How would you capture a brand’s essence through a single image? To ensure you do this well, you first need to understand what it is that you’re trying to communicate, or more importantly, not trying to communicate. The better understanding you have of a brand’s personality, the better you’ll be able to do this.

Rookie designers often dive headfirst into this process without educating themselves. This often translates into a logo that doesn’t accurately reflect the brand.

4. Creating a Logo In Color (First)

An impactful logo makes an impression without color. Even though colors are important for a logo, if you start by incorporating colors into your logo, it can be tough to determine whether it is strong. Even worse, some good logos can be rejected just because a person in the team doesn’t like the colors. To ensure your logo truly stands out, design it in black and white first. Once the team approves, start filling in appropriate colors.

Wrapping Up

Even though your logo is one of the most effective ways you can communicate your brand’s identity, it’s not the only tool you can use! If you’re trying to avoid the common mistakes you can make while designing a logo, Wise Guys can help you communicate your brand’s identity by fulfilling all of your graphic designing needs. To know more about us, call us today on (219) 940 3579 or see some of our work by clicking here.