There is a rumor that says that due to how many ads we see nowadays, we no longer pay attention to ads. This rumor is completely untrue and Ads still work! One of the easiest and most effective ways to advertise is simply by using a sign. There have been plenty of studies on what makes a sign more effective. This post will summarize the main points to make your sign as effective as it can.

Keep the text short and legible

With signs, especially outdoors, people will often be either driving or walking past and do not take the time to read a large block of text. It is best to keep the text short and simple. The best example of this is “Honk if you see this sign.” It’s short and simple with an action that doesn’t take long for the viewer to complete. Adding a large chunk of text gets rid of the legibility and less people will pay attention to your sign.

Add a Human

Adding human interaction increases responses by over 150%. The prime example of this are sign spinners. As humans, we enjoy seeing other people interact. Adding some dance moves adds about 6% more responses, even just by waving the sign back and forth. That means, it doesn’t matter if your employees have the best dance moves, they’ll still bring in customers

Keep the text and background in high contrast

The easiest most effective way to keep everything contrasted is a bold black text on a white background. As previously stated, keeping things short and simple help the consumer keep the message in their head for longer. Having the high contrast helps make sure it is easier to read.