I’m always asked the question, “why should I get a car wrap over new paint?” The major opinion of the vehicle design industry is a car wrap is a better option—for a variety of reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons to go with a vehicle color change wrap over new paint.

1. Vehicle Wraps Cost Less

Cost! This is where vehicle wraps generally win the argument—especially when any type of custom design is involved. That all said, don’t just focus on cost when comparing vehicle color wrap shops—a cheap wrap job will look just like a cheap paint job… cheap.

2. Wraps Come Off

Resale value of a car, a unique paint job is permanent and affect a vehicle’s value. Good or bad. Similarly, your own personal style may change, and you may want that custom paint job removed.

Vehicle wraps allow the ability to change your look without much hassle. And while paint jobs come off, removing paint is much more difficult than removing a vehicle wrap. Not to forget, underneath a vehicle wrap is a pristine factory original paint job—this is great for resale value.

3. Protection

Vehicle wraps are made using a vinyl material which adds a layer of protection to your paint job. So, while you may not be crazy about your car’s current color, the original paint still holds value in resale and rust protection. Adding a vinyl wrap protects an original paint job from scratches by absorbing the damage.

4. Countless Style Options

Vehicle wraps stand out from the crowd. Going with a vehicle color change wrap grants access to nearly every color you can think of. Want a design? Vehicle wraps are simply unbeatable in their capability with a design installation for automobiles. Regardless if you have a design of your own, or you’d like a vehicle wrap designer to craft one for you—you’ll end up with a head-turning look.

5. Wraps Can be Completed faster

Where paint jobs require you to be without your vehicle or work truck for days, a vehicle wrap can be finished as quickly as one day. This means less downtime for your work fleet or personal vehicle.

Regardless of your reason for a vehicle wrap, be sure to take your vehicle to a tried and trusted vehicle wrapping professional. Wise guys Marketing Solutions is a leading vehicle color change wrap service in Northwest Indiana with over 40, 5-star reviews on Google and countless repeat customers. We take the time to ensure your job is completed to the highest standard. If you’d like to schedule an appointment or gather more information, give us a call today!