Outdoor digital signs

Why? They offer bright, dynamic and hard-to-ignore messaging that other sign options are hard-pressed to match! They can also be LCD displays housed within enclosures that offer protection from wind, weather, theft and vandalism. Like indoor digital signs, versions for outdoor use are gaining application. Digital signs for out-of-doors applications are typically outdoor LED displays.

Outdoor LED signs: better known as electronic message centers (EMC)

At a low operating cost, these signs can store and display many different messages in dozens of formats and at varying intervals! It also lets users update messages frequently. . As for the threat of harsh weather, outdoor electronic message center cabinets are specially designed to withstand snowrain and direct sunlight; ultra-bright LEDs are visible anytime! LED signs allow you to communicate more effectively the time of day, weather or price of gas — making them popular at banks and filling stations.

Enjoy the many benefits of digital signs

Whether used at events or elsewhere, businesses, organizations and nonprofits there’s a lot to like about digital solutions:

Digital signage is eye-catching: People pay attention to digital signs like few other options. Why? Consider that the human eye is trained to respond to motion, contrast and color. Digital displays deliver all three!

Digital signs are readily customizable: You can easily change content from day-to-day or from event-to-event. The amazing flexibility of digital displays makes them an increasingly popular signage option. . If need be, messaging can even be altered at quick notice.

Digital displays can be cost-effective: Today’s LED (light emitting diode) displays are capable of years of continuous operation. What’s more, they’re extremely energy efficient. So, you’ll keep operating costs to a minimum.

Digital signage can enhance consumer experiences: interactive displays can direct prospects to desired destinations or inform them of products they’re most interested in. Another plus? Unlike most options, displays can distract people as they wait. This can reduce perceived idle times, minimize customer frustration and improve the impression they have of your business!

Take advantage of digital signs in many applications

Digital signage solutions from WiseGuys are producing exceptional results for marketers at trade shows, but also in many other applications: These include stores, waiting rooms, quick-serve restaurants, shopping malls, office building lobbies, concourses, airports and even gas stations! In these applications and other, they’re used as:

  • Welcome digital displays
  • Digital directory displays
  • Digital display boards
  • Informational digital displays
  • Digital point-of-purchase displays
  • Pricing digital displays
  • Video walls