If you own a self-storage space, then you’re probably no stranger to security concerns about your space. Storage lots can be some of the most vulnerable places when implementing conventional means of security. Not only are there many people constantly roaming around the area while going about their business, but there’s also the prospective haul from workshops and tradespeople to entice potential burglars.

The solution to these problems isn’t a security camera, and it isn’t reinforced walls or a heavier shutter. No, it’s better lighting. The dark is inherently unknown and helps to camouflage thieves and vandals or any other malicious actor trying to get one over you. It inspires a dread of the unknown and not confidence or faith. Meanwhile, a well-lit area can completely flip this on its head and help you and your clients have a more positive experience of your space.  But first off, security.

How does better lighting help with security?

Aside from the obvious, which is that light allows us to see a potential threat more clearly, it also improves the quality of service you get from your other security products. For example, a CCTV camera might not be able to accurately capture things when a room is not sufficiently lit. A grainy, out-of-focus video will never have the fidelity to let you catch that number plate or see other tell-tale signs. The fact that you can’t see much in the video also means that your aggressor can’t see the camera, which is why they designed to venture towards your property in the first place. Where a dark, poorly-lit area invites misfortune by making it impossible for anyone with malicious intent to see the detective and preventative measures you have in place, a well-lit room does the same for people you actually want coming to your door.

Does better lighting really help drive sales?

Short story short, yes. Not only does a well-lit space clearly display that you’re thriving enough to keep the lights on literally, it also demonstrates concern for your business and your clientele that only the right kind of person would harbor. There’s two stages to this, namely indoor and outdoor lighting. The nuances of both are slightly different; the light outside deters criminals and welcomes visitors, while the indoor lighting helps bring out the best in your space. Both are critical to your success as a business, a customer who feels uncomfortable inside your space won’t stick around for too long, and they may not even be able to find the place if the outside isn’t lit well enough to clearly show them the place.

Investing in the right lighting entails a relatively small cost that can completely change the look and feel of your space, long-term. If you’d like to know more about what the right lighting can do for you and why LED lighting is the present and the future, please contact us here (219) 940-3579.