A customized T shirt for your business is a free branding tool that can let your customers and your competitors know that you mean business. But before you go about the process, it’s imperative that you’re familiar with the different printing methods at your disposal. Even though the heat press and screen printing are some of the most popular apparel printing methods, this blog will describe different kinds of apparel printing.

1. Direct-To-Garments (DTG)

Just like the screen printing method, the DTG method is also popular amongst various business owners. It is easy to do, but it requires extensive knowledge and skills if you’re doing it without the help of a professional. All you’re going to need for this method is ink and a textile printer. A paper printer and DTG work similarly.

The only difference is that in the DTG method, ink is going straight to the fabric. To ensure the computer understands the design, you first have to upload it on to the computer. This method is excellent if you’re trying to print something super complex.

2. Dye Sublimation

This method works best on a fabric or a light t shirt. To get the best possible results from this method, you need to thorough knowledge about the dye sublimation method. If you’re printing something onto a polyester-like fabric, dye sublimation will be perfect, but try not to introduce cotton into the scene.

You’re going to need a special liquid dye that will dry up when it touches the fabric. When the ink has dried well, it will solidify on the fabric. The heat is then applied to start the sublimation process. Businesses also prefer this method because it is durable.

3. Heat Press

If you don’t have to print a lot of shirts, the heat press method would be effective for you. It can save you resources and a lot of time. With this method, a paper called transfer paper is used. You first take the shirt and press it on to the heat transfer vinyl. After this, you apply heat and pressure to ensure the vinyl can stick to the shirt completely. You repeat this process until the printing has completely stuck to the shirt.

Once that’s done, you take off the glossy transfer paper, leaving you with the design you wanted on the shirt.

4. Screen Printing

For professionals, screen printing is one of the most common methods. For this to work, you’re going to need a stencil and a nylon mesh. The nylon mesh will hold the stencil when the ink is flooded onto the screen. Most companies use this method when they have to print mass products because not only is screen printing reliable, but it is also quicker.

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